Friday, July 5, 2013

post holiday lull

I am sitting in the cool of the basement where my boyfriend lives, having done laundry at my house, swept the kitchen and dining room, folded laundry, watered plants, cleaned the bathroom and tidied my room. Sigh.

Last night was a fourth-of-July party here with a mix of recent and more recent friends, with all of the possible delicious summer food I could have dreamed of, from cherry pie to fried green tomatoes. Christopher rigged up the dilapidated kid-carrier bike attachment to my bicycle and we piled in a watermelon, corn, hot dogs and buns, peach beer, ice cream, and a peach pie to share. Then around 9 we bicycled the long haul to Glen Ellyn for the most up-close and extravagant fireworks display of my memory. It felt like a movie about being young in the summer in the middle of America.

Anyway, The Quaker is up, if you are interested in my poem you can read it finally here. And I am managing some more scribbles here and there, between the ever-rolling work shifts and many naps. July is here and so is the heat. But my parents come visit in less than two weeks, and I can't wait to show them my wee happy life here. Meanwhile, I am missing my jet-setting little sister, who is taking Europe by classy, happy storm this month (pictured below).


  1. Still breathing, weighted to this earth beneath the burnt snap crackle and pop of independence day celebrations, awoke this morning to my own recollections of those painfully clear, disturbing dreams, again, I dreamt of a baby I cared for, another new one;this time I did not lose track of it, that baby that appeared out of nowhere, out of my own crazy brain. Love reading your poetry, the vivid imagery stands out, a framed artwork in a big gallery, bare for all to see. cjms

  2. Beautiful poem- you are a genius. Much love, SKM