Saturday, July 6, 2013

photography (little house)

In case anyone else wants to visit (welcome to parents and grandparents already coming!) here is the little house I have all to myself starting next week. Please come!

I am scrounging around for an internship in Chicago for the fall, fascinated by all of the (unpaid) options out there - from zookeeper to fashion design intern. Considering this excerpt from a Mary Oliver poem I rediscovered and popped up on the kitchen chalkboard:

I was just minding my own business
when I found myself on their straw hillsides,
citron and butter-colored,
and was happy, and why not?

Are not the difficult labors of our lives
full of dark hours?
And what has consciousness come to anyway, so far,
that is better than these light-filled bodies?

All day
on their airy backbones
they toss in the wind,
they bend as though it was natural and godly to bend,

they rise in a stiff sweetness,
in the pure peace of giving
one's gold away.

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