Monday, March 19, 2012

water: poems from home

Water, by Mary Oliver

What is the vitality and necessity
of clean water?
Ask the man who is ill, who is lifting
his lips to the cup.

Ask the forest.

A snippet pour vous from one of my new birthday poetry books, Evidence by Mary Oliver. I am going to do some little exercises in copying her style when I have time in the next few weeks. I am sitting in my brother's old bedroom in our home, which is now my father's office and is a mishmosh of contractor's paraphernalia, Search and Rescue post-it notes, my brother's trinkets (a stone rhinoceros from South Africa, Harry Potter books, Tintin posters, climbing ropes and a drawer full of knives from around the world). Here are some of the post-its my father has in lines along the desk:

"Modern search theory emphasizes mathematics - especially probability theory."

"Decision points demand terrain analysis. How does terrain guide subject?"

"A circular search area is a failure of investigation."

"Data can be very different depending on who collects it."

"Dad I totally love you and your straight letters. You are the best. Tor"

The last one was mine. The only post it that makes a lot of sense to me is the one about data - true in all aspects of life, including literature and conversation. The photo is of me, in a millinery creation from maybe 8th grade. 

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