Sunday, March 18, 2012

rainy sunday

Bonjour encore! Aujourd'hui, c'est mon anniversaire! So la la Happy Birthday to me, sitting in my living room with my mother making lemon poppyseed scones in the kitchen, with my father making coffee in the French press, and my sister reading on the couch across from me.

 I think I have posted this poem before, but it is Hafiz and I love Hafiz, and my parents gave me a beautiful book of his poetry for my twentieth birthday, so voila! Tant pis.

This is one of my father's photos (he, really, is the best) and I just love this shot of my beautiful, young parents. Have you noticed vintage photographs are such a blogging trend right now? I love it. Besides, our parents and grandparents never blogged incessantly about their lives and thoughts and style and interests, so I should like to include them a wee bit.

Have you noticed I am using 'tant pis' all of the time? It is because it is so fun to say (tahnt pees) and means 'too bad' or 'oh well' and I also use it to mean 'whatever.' French lesson of the day.

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  1. That picture is soooo great. Your Mother never changes!