Wednesday, December 28, 2011

skirts skirts skirts

I am experiencing a dilemma that I haven't had in quite some time, which is this: skirts have been fazed almost entirely out of my wardrobe in recent months. Now, I love skirts, but lately I have been having trouble wearing them. They used to be my wardrobe staple: wear them with tights and boots and cardigans all winter, with nothing in summer. But it seems like the only skirt I wear these days is this thick black cotton stretch mini from J. Jill (which is wonderful and goes with everything). High waisted, flared skirts and pencil skirts and, well, all other skirts are evading my stylistic grasp.

For example, the skirts above are all darling, but the only one I can picture myself wearing practically is the navy mini on the right from APC France. Do you have a favorite skirt? What do you wear it with?

P.S. Favorite new style blog? The very darling The Clothes Horse. Check it out!

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