Thursday, December 29, 2011

exterior design: woods edition

Back in the Santa Cruz mountains I'm suddenly admiring all of the houses I grew up around. Most of them are from the early 20th century, rebuilt over the years to grow from summer cabin to family home. Despite the fact that some are . . . a tad decrepit, I missed seeing little wooden porches and mossy roofs tucked in amongst so many trees.

I've been playing a childhood game of mine when I walk somewhere: remodeling houses as I see them. This one needs to be painted a different color, that one different windows, this one a nice new roof. For example, our neighbors around the corner need to change the paint color and get rid of their incredibly tall separate garage and the house would be darling. (Less practical, but darling). Now that I've noticed these great cabins again, I'm going to make a little project of finding my favorites sometime next week to snapshot. (If I don't do it now, some of them may have fallen down by the time I come back).

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