Wednesday, October 12, 2011

starbucks, sound systems and reading material

List of great things:
  1. I finished my IR midterm after studying for ages and ages. My essay on failed states was, if not brilliant, above par.
  2. French class was cancelled for today. Bravo! Chapeau!
  3. I am wearing my favorite pale blue shirt dress and flats because it is 72 degrees outside.
  4. The fall leaves are bee-you-tee-ful.
  5. I am listening to my new James Taylor cassette tape on my borrowed-from-Sarah's-grandmother-MeMe record and tape player.
  6. I bought the tape for 25 cents at the Wheaton Public Library
  7. I turned in my books on time for once, avoiding millions of dollars in late fees.
  8. I got a Starbucks iced coffee as a reward for my overall excellence, thereby negating money saved on late fees but raising my general joy level.
  9. I painted my nails red.
  10. Ummm . . . I am going to Kentucky this weekend!
That's all for now, folks. Don't you wish you had all those lovely things going on this fine October day?

Oh! The reading material as mentioned in title of post: bought 3 new paperbacks for a dollar at the library in addition to my 2 cassette tapes (the other was the soundtrack to Ice Castles). La la la.

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