Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the town of wheaton: a profile in courage

DuPage County Historical Museum - featuring a train exhibit that could rock your world. Free. Great attraction in all ways, complete with talking, costumed mannequins. I had to force my friend Lew to go in once with me last semester, and have yet to cajole anyone else into checking it out.
Historical Adams Park. The bizarrely-worded sign makes it difficult to know if Adams lived here, or his daughter had a house here, or what the deal with it is, but it is very pretty (note make-out covered bench spot on the right). There are also a lot of little mini coops in Wheaton. I think it is all of the bored, church-soup committee mothers who made pacts to buy them all together one year.
Main Street intersection, downtown Wheaton. I thought they made low traffic lights like that because of hurricanes? We don't have hurricanes here.
Me. My favorite new cotton stripey-sweater from my Aunt Carrie.

Wheaton isn't really a profile in courage, but, as I am sure you have noticed, I tend to just throw whatever I feel like into my blog titles. And posts. Words and phrases might not be used correctly, but you can bet your boy howdy I'll use them with gusto. See? Just happened again.

Anyway. I thought you might like some insight/ visuals into the metropolitan glory that is Wheaton, Illinois, Midwest, America. I know you have established it to be a crown of cities in your mind, but I don't want you to overly idealize the place where I study so ardently. So here are some pictures, taken on my itouch when I was seated on the steps of the DuPage County Historical Museum (see picture above) waiting for my Thai takeout (see picture below). Also, my camera is really out of battery and I just found these pictures and thought I'd fling them out into cyberspace.

Also Wheaton deserves to become more than just a figment of your imagination - you must have a visual.

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