Tuesday, October 11, 2011

mid-term survival tool update

While memorizing 60 new terms for my International Relations midterm tomorrow, it is temptating for me to snack and snack and snack. But that is not a good idea because
a) I do not want to way 500 lbs by next week and
b) I don't have any food in my room.

Solution: Stealing 2 ice cream cone cones (clarification: just the cone part) and eating those. Yummy. Even better with the mini packet of M & Ms I had.

2 min later: Only made it through one. Full. Probably a good thing.

Have you ever just eaten a cone? They are delicious. Makes me think of The Penny Ice Creamery . . .

P.S. How much paper do you think Americans eat in a lifetime just from the little bits left on a cone when you take the wrapper twist off?

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