Monday, October 10, 2011

j'ai besoin d'aller au paris tout de suite

Aaah, France, je te manque! I was scrolling through the lovely photographs of Little Brown Pen, and when I clicked on the "food" archives I almost died. Crunchy French bread (the flour and water makes all the difference) clafouttis, and beautiful cheeses. Baskets of framboises lining street markets, and butter and cream in all of it. Just the pictures make me drool, remembering sitting with my mother on our hotel beds in Paris, with a bagful of groceries for a picnic dinner, putting custard on blueberry clafoutti and pear tart, with bread and tomato and fromage-blanc.

I only have to hold out 'til this summer, and then I will hop over the channel for at least a weekend.

On a fashion note, I have been thrifting for some stripes and polka dots recently and found a great warm brown and white dotted skirt to take in. The tricky thing about patterns is finding ones that are subtle enough to wear with lots but still have personality . . . the quest continues. But here are some snaps from J. Crew the other weekend (just browsing -- budget challenge still intact) with loverly spots, dots, and dashes.

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