Sunday, October 9, 2011

c'est dimanche encore, et j'ai des midterms

Sitting at my desk listening to Rachmaninoff on my newly borrowed record player (there is something about watching a black record spin around that is completely wonderful), wearing my favorite navy and white striped jersey empire-waisted dress and getting ready for French midterms tomorrow. I have an oral exam and a take-home test.


But next weekend it is back to Kentucky for four whole days to relax. Making apple butter was love-er-ly and I now have several jars of the beautiful pink thing perched on my windowsill, waiting for toast or waffles. Would it be weird to carry a jar to the dining hall sometimes? Anyway, there is something so nice and historical-ishly female about standing around in a kitchen on a hot day canning things.

Here is the jam, and also my converse from the co op.

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