Sunday, September 11, 2011

necktie headband, easy peasy

I've picked up a few neckties at thrift stores over the last few years, really beautiful silk ones from Brooks Brothers resold from free to $1, but I hadn't been able to use them for anything. However, since I wear headbands all of the time with my short hair, I thought I would deconstruct a tie and give it a go! I give you: the necktie headband.

You need: silk necktie, scissors, needle and thread, 1 thick elastic hair tie.
Cut the necktie off approximately 18 inches from the narrow end (you can add or subtract an inch if needed).

Fold about one inch of the tie end, right sides out, over a section of the hairband and whip-stitch it together, creating a loop in the tie that attaches the hairband. Bring the other end of the tie around and repeat.
Your headband should be finished - the hairband giving enough stretch for it to stay comfortably on your head. You can use the thicker end of the tie to make a bow or flower to add spunk to the headband if you like! Mine took me about 15 minutes to make, and I am off to thrift more ties for free from the Co-op this week so I can give them to my friends!

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