Sunday, September 11, 2011

dorm room design

Dorm rooms should really be their own branch of interior design - it's one whole apartment in a single room for two. I like them also because you decorate a dorm room in ways you wouldn't a house - for example, I have newspaper pennants and magazine cuttings everywhere. So here are a few of my dorm projects from this past weekend, as I try to be crafty and make it as home-y and personal as possible.

My wall of pictures - framed and unframed. I have given up not
mixing medias on my walls, and I rather like the result. As long as
everything is lined up with right angles, you can mix anything!
I've stuck my collection of business cards from restaurants, craft stores,
and artsy vendors along with a few postcards to my closet door to make
a sort of collage (right angles again!).
Pennants - the easiest, most darling thing to decorate a room with.
Mine are newspaper, magazine pictures, fabric scraps and yarn.
But you can also do them with fabric triangles and bias tape
if you have a sewing machine!
I cut out some fairytale- like magazine ads and backed them on
twisted or folded newspaper to make picture flowers and stuck them in
clusters, "growing" up my window frames.


  1. And all within your budget.
    You go girl. Can you start a little "dorm room design" business?

  2. Hmmm. Potential future career? Maybe. For now at least I'll keep posting my crazy crafts.