Saturday, September 10, 2011

the budget challenge

Starting tomorrow, through the end of this school year, I am undertaking a budget challenge. The rules are as follows:

No buying new clothes, shoes, makeup or accessories. At all. Even on sale. I don't need anything.
No buying food, any food, except for dinner on Sundays. There is plenty at SAGA.
NO buying anything online except for books, and they must be thought about carefully.
No using my debit card. Must either write a check to Student Accounts to get cash or just not buy anything.

Things I am allowed to do under Budgetary Challenge:

Thrift clothes.
Buy train tickets.
Save my money.
If it is my birthday, or if I am having a party for someone else, I may buy them/me food.
Buy coffee from Starbucks once per week.
Accept presents other people buy me.

The hope/goal is that, come December, I will have used less instead of more than my allotted spending money that I have saved. Also, I will have room in my closet. Also I will not weigh 300 pounds from buying pretzel bread at the French Market and Mochi from Whole Foods. Also, I will be able to splurge on Christmas presents. Also, when I graduate from college, I will still have money in the bank!

Hold me to it! If I post about the darling new Hunter rainboots and Dior Miss Cherie perfume I purchase (hypothetically speaking), post lots of derisive and disappointed comments, please.

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