Saturday, September 10, 2011

renegade craft fair, wicker park

crowded sidewalks - the whole
street closed off with tents.
sticker machine with 100%
unique, signed art cards.
tacos and horchata
one of many crafty business cards.

Skipped on down to Wicker park this morning with Jessina, Emma, Rachel and Heather to peruse the Renegade Craft Fair (300 vendors). There was delicious food (horchata and pork tacos for me, pistachio gelato for others) and fabrics, stationary, prints, jewelry and trinkets galore. I collected business cards instead of treasures, admiring some stands greatly and trying to quiet my inner "I could do that in 5 minutes" at others. My favorite finds were a stall with hand made porcelain cups and another with Morse Code necklaces and bracelets - gold dots and dashes strung on colored silk spelling things like "love" "peace" and "darling." The sun shone and there were young families everywhere, and I spent a good half hour just sitting on the curb watching everyone pass by. I could absolutely sew a bunch of blouses and dresses and sell them on Etsy, participating in fairs like this one.

I've been thinking a lot about future occupations lately, as I found out this week I can graduate next December - only 2 semesters left after this one! I have gone from first semester sophomore to second semester junior in the space of a few days, and suddenly the rest of my life seems very much at hand. Graduate school? Design school? Peace Corps? Marriage? (ha!) We'll see. For now, this little blogger is happy to be snuggled up in her dorm, wearing a flannel button up and baggy grey sweats, homework done and another day of rest to come.

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