Friday, July 15, 2011

wild times

It has been a while (again) since my last post, and in the last few weeks I have done so much! I am tired and ready for the weekend after a good (long) week. But here are a few highlights, in list form, with pictures to follow.

1) I got a mohawk, which I love.
2) My campers painted my whole body and face with rock mud paint at the creek and did my hair with leaves and it was beautiful.
3) I have a camper from France, Emilie, this week whom I speak lots of French with, which has cracked her shyness and engaged her.
4) Campfire songs with Jack Pearson: "Monster Minnesota Mosquitoes" and "18 Wheels on a Big Rig" are now ingrained forever in my mind.
5) Midnight Taco Bell runs
6) Broomball in socks in the Craft Room with the Day Camp counselors. (I am very good at broomball, I now know. It makes me want to play field hockey in college.)
7) Not being sick these past two weeks.
8) Taking the staff up to Grandma's for cinnamon rolls and then having a group nap and watching cartoons on the living room floor.
9) Cooking a farmer's market dinner for everyone on Day Camp staff at my house.
10) Laughter laughter laughter. The joy of the Lord is a wonderful thing.


  1. Love - love - love reading about life for you this summer

  2. Thank you! love updating and sharing