Friday, July 15, 2011


Since it has been so long since I posted, and I did take pictures of my closet a bit ago, I will throw in a bonus fashion post today. I am sitting on the worn plastic-y "leather" couch in the coffee shop/lounge room of the old fireside building at the conference center. The fans are going and the redwood ceiling and beams are dusty, but the brick fireplace and stone walls that my great grandfather Marshall Johnson built years ago still stand. I am wearing a skirt (YAY!) for the first time in a while this afternoon, and it is nice to be clean and pulled together. I usually try to clean up on Fridays because it gives me energy and a little boost to finish strong and feel good about it at the end of the week. But my nod to camp-dom today is my TOMs, which are so very worn out and stinky. I have drawn all over the dark green canvas, and the leather soles were so cracked and split that I tore them out and just wear them anyway. I bought them two spring breaks ago with my parents and sister at a store called Perspicacity in Seaside, Florida. They are comfortable and airy on my dirty feet. This leads me to a list of my favorite shoes, for your viewing (because I know you wondered). Besides, we wear shoes everyday, and the good ones deserve to be recognized.
Momma bought me these brown leather Ugg booties at Sock Shop downtown Santa Cruz - last pair 50% off - at the beginning of the summer, and I cannot wait to wear them with everything all fall and winter at Wheaton. The shape plus the buckle is a win-win.
My Sperry Topsiders, bought from Macy's in San Francisco a year or two ago, leather laces replaced with blue acrylic ones. The leather is so soft from wear they are like slippers. Filthy, overworn slippers.
My silver leather ballet flats, bought to wear with a blue lace dress to my Aunt Gretchen's wedding last July. They go with everything and make my feet look like princesses.
My cream and green Camper pumps. I love the leather/rubber combination, how funky and comfortable they are, and how the weird color seems to go with so many different things. Bought for $3.00 at Mexican Thrift.
My bright buckle shoes. The best pair of flats I've ever owned, bought on sale in Bergen, Norway. I had seen them on a girl's feet in Oslo and then not on sale in a department store, then finally tracked them down for a deal my last weekend in the country the summer I was fourteen. I've been wearing them ever since.

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