Sunday, June 26, 2011

a few hours off

It is Sunday afternoon, and I have written notes to some of the other counselors, frantically made it up to the all-staff required worship/service at Ponderosa, pulled on my grey staff shirt for Day Camp registration, and now am sitting in a sundress and sandals in the very hot coffee-shop/lounge area in the center of the conference center with nothing mandatory until 5:45. What luxuriant living!

The internet has disappeared from the rickety back porch of my dorm building, so I am here where there is wi-fi, catching up on email and facebook and my friends' blogs. I have to say the cool green grass and fresh afternoon tea in England that miss Emma describes in her latest posts sounds incredibly appealing. I did take the time to organize my room today and put up a few magazine pictures and string things on hangers so I am starting the week neat and tidy. I've thrifted some lovely sandals and cardigans - camp clothing is both eclectic and functional with a dash of fun for me, and the past few weeks I have made literally dozens of different cloth-flower and button and beaded headbands for myself and others to spice up our daily appearance. It's the small things.

Pictures taken with Kristin in Henry Cowell, where it is cool and shady and peaceful at all times, and where I am determined to go running at some point this week. Here, for you, one of my favorite Carl Sandburg poems. It makes me feel wistful and summery at the same time.

YOU will come one day in a waver of love,
Tender as dew, impetuous as rain,
The tan of the sun will be on your skin,
The purr of the breeze in your murmuring speech,
You will pose with a hill-flower grace.

You will come, with your slim, expressive arms,
A poise of the head no sculptor has caught
And nuances spoken with shoulder and neck,
Your face in a pass-and-repass of moods
As many as skies in delicate change
Of cloud and blue and flimmering sun.

You may not come, O girl of a dream,
We may but pass as the world goes by
And take from a look of eyes into eyes,
A film of hope and a memoried day.

Dream Girl

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