Saturday, June 25, 2011

busy june

Well, the past two weeks have been absolutely crazy, between moving into the Mount Hermon summer staff dorms, training and decorating for Day Camp, starting work with Week 1 of camp (130+ kids) last week and Week 2 this week, working hard to catch up on friendships and getting to know the other staff, and trying to sleep. I was sick at the beginning of this past week, making it difficult to work with the energy and joy I try to bring to the kids every day, but feeling 100% this weekend.

My campers have been great (3rd and 4th grade last week, 5th and 6th this week) although day 1 is always a little bit hard. I've been swimming in the creek, crafting, face painting, going crazy with skits, getting half-drowned at the pool, and slip n' sliding like no other, leaving me thankful for Saturdays and the rest that they bring. I am loving the people I get to spend my whole summer with, responding cheerfully to my camp name (Toaster) and interested to see what each week will bring. It's already flying by!

Best child's quote from week one:
Me: ''Quinn, you are so still! Where did you learn to be that still?''
Quinn: ''One time, there was a stillness contest in Morocco, and I won it 20 times in a row.''

Will try to take pictures and blog more frequently as I settle in!

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