Thursday, May 26, 2011

fashion post no. 6

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It is almost June, and that means I am looking forward to forgetting about sweaters, socks, and sleeves again! In the name of getting into the spirit of things, I've compiled my list of my seven must-haves, or at least seven of my personal favorite things, for the summer. As always, at the very top of the list should be a good book, carried with you at all times.

1) Giant floppy sunhats. After a year in the deep midwinter and gray skies, my skin needs a little extra protection this summer (as does ours all, regardless of where you live). Not only are they darling and fun, but they will keep my nose from being pink and peeling all summer long.
2) Vintage-inspired sun dress. I am absolutely loving the vintage-inspired lace trims, crochet, pleating and embroidery adorning simple cotton and linen dresses this summer. Pale pink, beige, and white Victorianesque shifts are especially easy to accesorize, and are cool and fresh for hot days.
3)Cat eye sunglasses are everywhere, with rims from tortoiseshell to lime green. They're adorable and stylish, and I really need to find a pair for myself.
4) The over-the-shoulder bag. Satchels, saddlebags, clutches on chains and anything with lots of little pockets is the bag for the summer heat. I have several small ones in different colors and sizes that I can easily throw my phone, billfold, chapstick and sunglasses in and I am good to go! Since they have that handy long strap, your hands and arms are free to bike, swing, and pick up fruit from the farmer's market.
5) The close-toed summer shoe. I have always been a lover of sandals, but I surprised myself this spring by abandoning them for the desert boot and boating shoe trend. They don't need socks, but my feet are protected, they're great for bicycles and being outside, and still cute! Plus they add a sweet funk when combined with summer dresses.
6)The linen or cotton short. Simple shorts are in, and I love them because they go with everything. Fabrics like linen can make shorts dressy with a pretty blouse, they are super comfortable, come in all different colors, and are also a great thing to pack for summer trips. I think these might be sneakily a part of the pajamas-as-clothes trend that has been on and off the runways recently, but they are classy enough that you'd never know.
7) The one piece. Finally! Bikinis are still out there, don't get me wrong, but pretty, sexy, funky or vintage one pieces are the swimsuit of the summer. Plus, you can throw on a pair of shorts over them and they become a top for after the beach. For some of my favorites, check outanthropologie and boden.

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