Sunday, April 10, 2011

spring cleaning

Back now from playing a water polo tournament at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the heart of the dairyland and full of (slightly bedraggled with the last of Winter) cows. We placed third, I played hard, but am glad to be sitting snug at my desk, de-chlorinated in a soft kimono and writing a little bit.

It has been quite a week, but the lawn is full of tiny deep blue bell flowers and I am peacefully looking forward to the days ahead. Missing my brother, learning to conquer the world of flight in Texas. Missing my parents, watching documentaries and getting tacos for lunch together and working to send us all to school. Missing my sister whose hair I braid and with whom I dance. And I finally feel spring creeping around the corner, drying up the mud on street corners and pulling green out of the tips of trees and twigs.

So with spring comes spring cleaning, and I have proudly (yet again) cleaned out my closet and desk - although my bookshelves are far from orderly - so out with the old and, perhaps, in with a few new. One new thing would be The Bachelor, which I have been caught into with a bit of obsessiveness over the past week. There is something extraordinarily intriguing about thirty women who voluntarily fall for the same guy in a public forum. I am watching this past season now, and cannot decide if I really like the bachelor or not. (Don't tell me who gets the final rose, but I vote for Emily!)

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