Sunday, April 10, 2011

say hello to bare legs and big hats

Well, bonjour 85 degrees and sunny, it's been a long time. I am writing this sitting in my Tante Rebecca's home just outside of Chicago, visiting while my grandparents are here from (ha HA!) not-so-sunny-these-days California. The neighbors just had twenty-two seven and eight-year-old girls over for a birthday party (Panda themed, of course) which brings me back to when this blog was a HobokeNanny and I wrote about cheerios and naps - or lack thereof - from the big apple.

Happy to be here today, though I do sometimes think a bit longingly of New York, and enjoying warmth and bare feet and listening to Jack Johnson. Went shopping with my aunt and grandparents after church this afternoon and managed to find a darling pair of sandals to go with a few beautiful spring-summer dresses that I can't wait to wear, should the warmth hold. Potential thunderstorms and rain tonight and tomorrow, but I do love a good spring storm.

My aunt says it's supposed to drop into the sixties, but my weather perspective now treats that as a lot nicer than it used to. "As long as it doesn't drop below forty, it is a warm day and I am happy." There is beautiful strawberry pie and yeast rolls that are rising right now on the menu for tonight. I just had a two hour nap. All in all a wonderful Sunday in Chicago.

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