Tuesday, April 5, 2011

april days

The sun is shining (finally) outside, and I can honestly say that it is not frigid today. However, I am really ready to see the first over 65 degree weather last all day long. I am aware that this has become, perhaps, a bit too much of a weather blog, but to be very honest weather preoccupies much of my thoughts. It dictates what I wear, whether or not I want to walk to class, whether or not I feel like eating, and can have an effect on how late I stay up at night or my nap taking patterns. The weather simply doesn't run my life in California: I wear a skirt or I wear pants, case closed. If it rains, I go outside anyway. The flowers bloom in April and we have a few cool days in October. All bets are off in Illinois . . .

In the midst of all this weather, my sister has visited me and we traipsed Chicago together. After her time at Wheaton, she has decided to pity me, despite my reminder that we do have a three story library in downtown Wheaton and that the grass will eventually turn green. That's all right. I have the strength and fortitude to make it the last few weeks.

Milly and I saw the sights of the city on Sunday, hitting Millennium Park to oggle our reflections in Cloud Gate, Michigan Avenue to try on dresses, and strolling by the waterfront to eat at Fox and Obel by Navy Pier, then grabbed a taxi back to Ogilvie. Next time we'll do Lincoln Park and Vietnamese noodles and take the L all over the place.


  1. Do you have the "April Blues"?

  2. Sounds like you guys had fun! This is my first time on your blog Torunn..It looks awesome! Patty Hayes

  3. Thank you! It is a ball to write and a good excercise for me!