Thursday, April 28, 2011

finals and finals and finals oh my!

It has been a while, my apologies to those of you whose daily lives hinge on the blog of this archetypal college girl. And I am only here for a quick update! Finals are next week, I am going to be in Minnesota for the water polo conference tournament by this evening, and my head may or may not fizz into nothingness. For those of you facing finals, bon chance! For those who remember finals from long ago, feel free to empathize. I shall survive, but not without a rather large amount of frantic studying, so ta ta until next Saturday, when I am home with a working computer, a camera full of new photographs, and sunshine on my back.

The posts will be both more interesting and optimistic I promise.

(Land sakes! I almost "xoxo" signed off, which would have placed this blog in the Gossip Girl genre that so appalls me. Close one.)

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