Thursday, April 14, 2011

marry (merry) me

This has been an erratic bloggin' month for me, but don't worry, soon it will be May and then I will be filling the world wide web with delightful posts from home. I am thinking of doing a summer series of some sort, maybe different profiles of my favorite things, events, people and spots in Santa Cruz County. Interested?

I do have pictures of flowers and budding trees and green grass all over campus taken carefully and artfully despite the dying battery of my beloved camera. But my computer is in crisis mode right now, and every time I open it I get so frustrated it gets a little out of control, so I have just taken a break from trying and am borrowing dear Liz-down-the-hall's (who may also be going to Cairo next spring!) and am currently tip-tap-typing on her big red couch. So you can insert your very own unique mental graphic here, and hopefully I will eventually be able to post the lovely photos, if I don't throw my computer on the floor first.

In an exciting turn of events (insert sarcasm here) I have the water polo banquet this weekend! I asked three (3) different boys and received two and one half (2 1/2) rejections. The 1/2 is because one of them may go with me if he can get out of the biology department banquet, which he is in charge of orchestrating. The dialogue of the first two rejections was as follows, in order of occurrence:

Me: If you aren't busy on Saturday I was going to ask you to the water polo banquet (yes, I phrased it awkwardly. I am not in the habit of asking boys out).
Boy 1: I don't think so. I have church. (In his defense, I assured him it was no big deal, nevermind, nevermind, forget it, before he had the chance to change his mind. Sometimes the humiliation is just to great to prolong. Also: church? Really?).

Me: Will you go to water polo banquet with me? It's this Saturday.
Boy 2: Are you serious?
Me: Yes.
Boy 2: Saturday?
Me: Yes.
Boy 2: Oh no. I can't. (Then he got up and left).

Wish me luck. Boy no. 3 is deciding between a biology banquet and me. I don't even want to process that one too deeply. Note: this is not a pity post. Boys do like me, I am just really very terrible at asking boys out. Perhaps because it is not within my cultural and evolutionary programming?

Oooh! Redaction: The title of the post: this was supposed to be a collage of some wedding things I love, but ended up just being my life. Wedding post for another day. I'll just think up a new title for it and keep this one here, because it sounds cute and may trick someone into reading the whole post searching for the tie-in!


  1. You will look adorable - no matter the outcome!
    If those foolish males only knew . . .