Wednesday, May 4, 2011

spring has sprung in wheaton

The bird's nest sitting on the window ledge of my aunt and uncle's house in Kentucky, where I stayed over Easter weekend for a few delightful days.
Branches and twigs look so beautiful with all of their shades of bright fresh green sprouting again.
The tulip tree in front of Blanchard. There are twin trees on either side of the center tower, and I sit in the windowsill of the fourth floor window and read among the blossoms.
Cherry trees in the library parking lot, dozens and dozens of them all in bloom.
Budding trees at twilight. The night I took this picture was a few weeks ago, and we ate dinner outside at dark because it was over 80 degrees for a few strange hours.
These little blue flowers were the first things to bloom this spring, popping up all over the grass across campus.

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