Tuesday, March 29, 2011

days go by

I dread the start of classes each morning, but then before I know it another week has gone by and I am one step closer to finishing a full year. These days I feel like I am rushing to keep one day's work tidy before the next day's catches up with me and so on and so on, over and over again. But I did just clean my whole room and get rid of yet another garbage back of clothes, and the window is open despite sub-20 temperatures and a sharp wind. The daffodils have turned dry and golden, so they are replaced by a pot of tea at the moment and I have more French to do (does it ever end?). Currently taking suggestions for my summer months . . .

Two teacups,
stronger than china and
twice as ugly
are garnishing the frosted ledge
like frozen, friendly toads
or bars of white soap on a sink.
Cold tea, like a pair of cold feet,
is impossible.

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