Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday they'll all be back again

I am now in La Spiaza, a coffee house in downtown Wheaton, having just finished lunch and browsing design magazines and now getting down to the business of French vocabulary. I am wondering about what I will do this summer. Perhaps Paris? England? Norway? It all depends on whether or not I can get a job and work hard for June, July and August. Then I could have May and the first week or so of June to my whims and wishes! Debating over going and getting some mint or melon gelato right now.

It is brightly, almost painfully sunny outside on such a cold clear day, the kind of sunshine that tricks you into being hot in the moment before wind hits you again and you freeze. I have a longstanding grudge against the wind here. Yesterday I was in the city zipping to and fro (Train, subway, bus and taxi all in one day - felt like Manhattan again) and I had some truly amazing noodles at an Indonesian restaurant. Friday night I went in with some friends to see Jane Eyre at the Navy Pier theater, and I loved it. Jane was perfect, and Mr. Rochester almost so. It wasn't quite as dark as it should have been, but all things considered completely worth seeing. The colors were beautiful, the landscapes and interior design of all the homes flawless, and I left the theater feeling hopelessly tragic.

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