Friday, March 25, 2011

sweater heritage

I am sitting curled on Lew's couch underneath my faded orange comforter, with the two daffodils that I gave her sitting in a mason jar on her windowsill still surviving despite a cold breeze from the open screen. It's always a gamble between warmth and fresh air, and fresh air usually wins for us. So I am bundled up in my mother's grey speckled wool sweater, the big and yet perfectly proportioned one that my grandmother knit. My mom wore it in college, and there are pictures of her in it holding my older brother as a baby. It is so warm and comfortable and trustworthy and I love sitting nestled into it. Hope your day is as comfortable as my afternoon will be.


  1. I can picture you perfectly in your warm and cozy sweater. Your still knitting grammie -

  2. So glad you are still knitting. love love