Friday, February 18, 2011

helen steiner rice strikes again

You'll never guess what I found tucked away in the cooking section of the Wise Penny thrift store's books. Always a Springtime, by Christian poetess Helen Steiner Rice! To fully understand my delight in this discovery, you must understand the rather lengthy story behind it. My mother went to Wheaton College, and her mother before that. During the letter exchange between my mom and my grandmother while my mom was studying here, my grandmother began to send my mother encouraging and often poetical postcards signed by Helen Steiner Rice, and her poetry was apparently a bit of a long-standing joking point between them. And while Ms. Steiner Rice writes about worthy topics in a worthy manner, I do understand how one might find it to be a bit . . . jokeable. I have seen these letters and some of the responses to them, and one Christmas my mother even received a thrilling biography of the author, so I was well aware of the story before my time here.

In light of all the above, you will understand my delight at discovering such a rare volume at such a low price. I purchased it and have been using it to send a few letters myself. Keep your eyes open, women of the Miller family, you may be on the receiving end of some beautifully illustrated poetry in the near future.

Don't Let Me Falter

Oh Lord, don't let me falter -
Don't let me lose my way;
Don't let me cease to carry
My burden, day by day
Oh Lord, don't let me stumble -
Don't let me fall and quit
Oh Lord, please help me find my "job"
And help me shoulder it.
-Helen Steiner Rice


  1. Oh Torunn - how absolutely beautiful and touching, but since I know so many of these
    by heart, you can be sending them on to others.
    Your grandmother