Tuesday, January 18, 2011

knitting and poetry

January -
in other provinces,
plums blooming.

Today, because it is so snowy out again, is my day to sing the praises of my grandmother's knitting. I have put all of my hand knit scarves, hats, mittens and headbands into a bag on the corner of my bunk so that I can grab one of everything on my way out, and since I have been wearing such a collage of cardigans and leggings and stockings recently having multicolored, beautiful knit assortments works perfectly. Plus they keep me so toasty! So here are some photos of the beautiful knitting that has been helping me stay warm.

I got up at 6:3o this morning after a very sleepless night to go swim with the team and then had chocolate chip-coconut waffle and some fruit for breakfast (I had intended to have oatmeal but making my own waffle sounded so delicious . . .) and in a half hour i'll head off to my creative writing class - our homework for today was to write a postcard, stamp it, address it, get it checked off and then mail it. Now that is my type of assignment.

Blossoms at night,
and the faces of people
moved by music.

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