Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Evening primrose -
there ought to be
a yellow kind.
"The brook that ran across the corner dimpled pellucidly in the shadows of the birches. The poppies along its banks were like shallow cups of moonlight. Flowers that had been planted by the hands of the schoolmaster's bride flung their sweetness on the shadowy air, like the beauty and blessing of sacred yesterdays." Anne's House of Dreams,L.M. Montgomery

I realized that I have had a lot of snow-involved posts recently, so here is a little switch up with some pictures I took of the decor in our dorm hall. It's sunny today and I am wearing my vintage wool jumper from my aunt Gretchen that says "wooly jumper" over and over and over again in dusty rose, dusty blue, and tan yarn, with my light grey polka dot skirt, legwarmers and rainboots. The legwarmers are in place of boot-liners so my feet don't get cold in just rubber boots. I have discovered that I don't have to buy them, I can just get free sweaters from the co-op across the road and cut the sleeves off and put them on my ankles. Yay!

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