Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Summer is Winding Down

It seems amazing that I've been here for four weeks already! A whole month! And I only have one week to go . . .

Today I was going to go into the city but I stayed home instead, knitted a hat for Baby, sewed matching sundresses for Naomi, Barbie and I, and then took a walk through Hoboken. It was about 95 F but not humid, and I had a nice time just wandering by myself. I meant to make it down to the ferry and walk along the Hudson for a little while but I didn't get far past the frozen yoghurt store. It was self serve, so I blended a little bit of chocolate, tart mango and red velvet cupcake, and then at the end I saw dulce de leche and so I added some on top. Plus some mochi and coconut and I was ready to go. Of course, the dulce was the best flavor and I had the least of it, but it was overall a really delicious and nutritious lunch.

I just sang Naomi to sleep and she is snoozing sweetly in her bed, Titus is still out with his dad, they either went golfing or running errands. Or maybe both. I have been working on my Honeyrock work book, I finished reading the book (Embracing the Love of God) and now must do all the reading/writing in the huge workbook! But I have made a good start, and won't worry too much since it isn't that much work for two credits. I am officially into all of my classes at Wheaton and have 26 credits from High School so far, so things are looking good for me! And I think I will get along really well with my roomate, the more we email the more it seems like we are a great match!

Well, I had better get to work on my packet, tomorrow I'll go to church in the city with the Cookes and then hopefully meet up with a girl my age and do something fun in the city!

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