Saturday, August 31, 2013

coffee shop chic

The title of this post is a bit of a nonsequitur, since I don't usually brush my hair, put on makeup, or wear things I like to work. Partially because it is hot and humid and I dislike shorts, and partially because I get coffee grounds, cranberry chutney, whipped cream and gouda on everything I wear on any given day. This leads to a general dissatisfaction with my daily appearance, and a lack of pride in grooming. I feel ok about it.

But in the interest of making this a fashion post, and perhaps in motivating myself to use some of that sense of personal style I keep hearing about, this is a list of a few essential things for working at a coffee shop and keeping your pride (ish).
Untitled #62

  1. Loose button-ups. 
  2. Dark v-neck cotton Ts. Light colors show every caramel syrup spritz, and I am not a t-shirt girl but it isn't really avoidable.
  3. Headbands! You have to keep your hair up anyway, and they are the one accessory that doesn't get in the way of anything. Plus I've thrifted so many funky square little scarves this way.
  4. The ambiguous-pant. Jeans get hot, you have to wash them when blackberry vinaigrette gets on them every day. They are not practical. Enter: the ambiguous-pant. The legs have to be tapered enough to not be sweatpants, preferably in a bold color or funky print. I never understood this trend, one my younger sister has always widely embraced. Until now. Plus it looks so good to wear them with a loose silk button up and cropped sweater in the fall. Maybe I narrow pj bottoms to make trendy pants from. Maybe not.

  1. Lil' cotton shoes.
VOILA! Coffee-shop-chic.

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