Thursday, May 16, 2013

happy sunday! (belated)

Thanks to all who came out to my graduation from W h e a t o n this past weekend. It was such a blessing to have so many different family members from all over the country come and celebrate together! There should be a little newsletter-type note in the mail, stamped with love, updating family and friends about the things I am thankful for and what comes next. Look for it next week (provided I can find enough postage today).

 I am again seated at my home kitchen table, tip-tap-typing happily while the dog snoozes in an otherwise empty house. The past few days I have napped, read at the beach, read on the porch, read on the couch, done a few sewing projects and had happy meals with my family. It is good to have a break at home before the summer starts going, and a bit of sand and sunshine too.

In other news, I finally have another wee bit of publication to announce! The Quaker, a new undergraduate literary magazine that seeks submissions from all undergraduate writers, is publishing one of my poems, "Sweet Dreams Insomnia." It won't come out online for another few weeks, but I think you will find it here. It isn't The Southern Review, but it is encouraging to get another poem out there.

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  1. pish posh pash, the weekend was a smash. love, love that graduate, love love to congra-tu-late.
    whoop woo.