Thursday, May 23, 2013

day off (little philosophies)

Moved in, moved furniture, unpacked kitchen, did laundry, put up clothesline, started full-time shifts at Blackberry, budgeted out finances, figured out banking, started digging a garden, planted seeds to sprout on my windowsill, decorated room (sort-of).

A few of the things I have done already this week, it being only Thursday I feel fairly accomplished. Today is my day off, and I am perched in a corner of Caribou in downtown Wheaton, siphoning three hours worth of wi-fi with one cup of tea. I am now extremely judgmental of all coffee shops, having had my official coffee training and learned how to do everything correctly - even (what?!) latte art. I now know from practice that if you are handed any espresso drink in less than two minutes, it cannot possibly have been made well. Work is fun, but so busy, and I am dog-tired at the end of the day from making salads and busing tables and having credit cards thrown at me before I am ready to swipe them. Fortunately closing shifts are rewarded with day old cinnamon rolls, soup, cupcakes, and whatever else is sitting around, and my freezer has some beautiful goodies in it. The house is coming together beautifully, minus a slight asbestos problem in the upstairs bedroom that will be shortly gone, so if anyone is free come July or August . . .

I was going to put in a little philosophy, but I have just hit my I AM STARVING moment and am going to quickly bike back home and make myself some soup.


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  1. and big cheers to you, sending love from tante gretchen's kitchen, tante,mom and malena