Friday, December 14, 2012

fashion post no. 20

Untitled #59

Things keeping me bright and merry:
1. My 6-pack of multi color oversized Target dot earrings.
2. My Turquoise and Red wool Navajo-pattern scarf (from my apartment's secret santa - danke schoen Molly!)
3. My electric blue blazer-cut wool coat. Best thrifting find of the winter, it was floor-length but I hand-stitched the hem to hit just above my knees and it somehow goes with everything. And it's tailored sharply, so I feel like I could be in Paris or London walking around Wheaton.
4. Those red Hunter shortie wellies I bought this summer. Apparently, these are always a good investment. I cannot wait for snow so I can start wearing my tall green wellingtons again - but it is still sunny and warmish here.

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