Tuesday, December 18, 2012

fashion post no. 21 (finals edition)

As per the request of my friend Emma, who sweetly told me this morning that I was rocking Finals Week Style and should write a post, here is the second (whooops) fashion post this week. Yes, being prepared for your tests and papers is the second most important thing, and sanity and peace is the first most important thing, but feeling clean, comfortable and poised is key to both. I have always felt that the most stressful days require the most careful ensembles (if you can't be together on the inside, be together on the outside). Finals week is no exception. But it is also a week where the rules may be broken a little bit, comfort should be taken into consideration, and you don't want to spend time thinking about what to wear if you can be sleeping. So this is my Finals Packing List:

fashion post no. 21 (finals edition

1. Sweaters. A long, thick, sweater-coat thing that can be thrown over leggings and other sweaters, a short and wide cotton or cashmere thin sweater to be worn as a shirt-type, and a warm wool pullover that comes down past your hips.
2. Layers. The Coat is key, because you will throw it on to flee the door and scurry off to your test across campus, and it just started snowing here. Long, wide, big coat is best. Like a wool bathrobe but for outside. The Down Vest is my number two, because I wear it over everything with the thought (perhaps small) that the bigger my clothes look the smaller I look. Not always true, but true enough for finals week.
3. Leggings. Thick leggings, black, to be tucked into boots or worn with your little ankles showing above flats. This way, all day is also a bit like wearing pajamas.*
4. Cute shoes. I have been wearing colorful flats or loafers every day as a nod to the coming of Winter and to lend a "oh, I totally planned this ensemble" air to my not-planned-ensemble. 

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  1. Yes! I always try to dress well for a test. It makes me feel more put together and prepared (and also more like a human being). Great tips! xoxo