Wednesday, July 18, 2012

sketch of the week

So, I have no scanner here and therefore the photo quality is not all shiny-black ink on bright-white screen as I like it to be, but pffff. I still had to post a sketch of the week.

Notes: Blazers blazers everywhere, as I said earlier, I almost bought this blue and white striped one cut like the sketch above in a thrift store yesterday, but thankfully realized it was RIDICULOUS and put it back. The danger of thrift stores - sometimes finds are almost amazing and you don't realize they are actually NOT until it is too late. But, as I am slightly broke and not carrying cash, I made the distinction successfully!

It was harder to talk myself out of the full-length aubergine Laura Ashley vintage wool coat with gold silk lining and a fur collar. It would have taken up my ENTIRE suitcase, I probably could not wear it on the plane comfortably, so I shed two tears and put it back. I may go back once more today just to pet it . . .

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