Sunday, April 1, 2012

les vieux photos de ma soeur

My sweet sister, whose seventeenth birthday is tomorrow, in four poses.

This morning I woke up extremely late, then splashed boiling water across the tops of my thighs pouring my tea kettle into the french press, screaming and running for ice (I am now fine). However, after two french presses of coffee shared with Emma and some nice new French music, my afternoon has settled into a non-catastrophic tempo. We are off to the grocery store in a bit to buy puff pastry and goat cheese for fig-jam, goat-cheese "pizza," and perhaps watching La Vie En Rose later. Emma has decided to be a French major, which is very good for me because we can speak and watch our sometimes-weekly filmes Francais together.

Also, here is a Sunday music video to appreciate. C'est mon nouveau favorite!

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