Saturday, March 31, 2012

weekend whiles

Spent a lovely morning biking to Honey in Glen Ellyn with my girls to have brunch with Jessina's parents. I tried their very delicious "motorcycle eggs" --essentially an egg-in-the hole toast with rosemary creme sauce that was delicious, and a scrummy latte along with. Then browsed Marcel, a beautiful kitchenware and cooking store, flipped through some thrift racks, and biked in the chilly sunshine back to Wheaton.

I am in the possession of some beautiful daffodil and tulip buds, which I garnered by helping the Wheaton grounds maintenance crew thin out the lawnscapes a little bit.

My bike is now in the possession of a wonderful and darling wicker basket, made in Nantucket, to carry the books I will buy from the bookstore I am working at a few hours a week. I can come in any time and get paid in book credit. Currently I have my eye on a copy of The Shadow of the Wind and Radioactive Boy Scout.

Watched Cartouches Gauloises in Franco-Maghrebian relations this week, sad and beautiful and intriguing. And listening to lots of Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Alison Krauss as I lie on my couch and tippety-type this paper. Also Scouting For Girls. They are adorable.

Off to a water polo game and improv show tonight!

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