Sunday, April 29, 2012

last weekend

Work at the Artist Series ticket window Friday evening, then the farewell improv show, and off to the last day of classes blacklight dance for about twenty minutes, when I was too tired from loud music and crazy dancing and went back to crash cozily on my couch.

The couch *sigh* which is now off and away to find someone else's dorm room or apartment.

Saturday was mascarpone and rhubarb crepes from the French Market with a group of lovely girls, studying and packing and then dinner at Honey, followed by the last Strange Bedfellows concert, then off to Naperville to hear Sleeping at Last play (we only caught the last half hour but it was just beautiful), and then to Applebee's for half-priced appetizers with another group of people I ran into (first time at an Applebee's!!!).

Last church service at All Soul's for the semester, last brunch with the gang, and off to Oak Park to spend the night at my Aunt's with my Grandparents.

Whew! I would say that was an effectively packed final weekend of my Sophomore year.

And now! A few finals and then the return trip home for a whole, glorious month!

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