Saturday, February 11, 2012

new feature!

I have just figured out that blogspot has added a fancy new gadget, where if you click on a photo in my post it will pull up just that photo in its full size, plus any other photos in the post in a little gallery for you to scroll through in this fancy over-screen thing. Ooooooh.

Try it with these assorted photographs from my archives!

White-walled room awash in photographs,
a dog with spectacles to my left,
Pablo Neruda on my right,
and a blue corduroy chair sitting complacently.
I wonder which girls giggled in bunk beds previously,
who combed their hair in my mirror.
Did any of them struggle to block the morning sun,
 beaming prudishly through the windows,
as we do each morning, today?


  1. Very cool little option. thanks.

  2. It might do the same with Flip Video. You should try it !