Wednesday, February 15, 2012

i'm dreaming of my next apartment

As much as I love the creaky, red-brick dorms here with my windows full of light and my cozy lower bunk, I confess I have been dreaming of the day (a little over a year from now, hopefully) when I will have my very own apartment.

Pinterest, of course, is extremely helpful in perpetuating my fanciful interior design day dreams, so here are a few design inspirations.

Thinking of rearranging the room this weekend but I am not sure that I can face the organizational trauma. We'll see. Just finished Daisy Miller, here's a choice nugget:

"He had known, here in Europe, two or three women - persons older than Miss Daisy Miller, and provided, for respectability's sake, with husbands - who were great coquettes - dangerous, terrible women, with whom one's relations were liable to take a serious turn."

Ah, for respectability's sake. What's lovely and frustrating about Henry James is that you read along, and then find yourself having absorbed absolutely nothing from the last page. I think it is because he constructs such lengthy, punctuated, complicated-ly structured sentences (check the dashes above).


  1. I read Henry James last semester! In The Cage (not so good) and Turn of the Screw (pretty good). Those Jamesian sentences, whew!

  2. For reals. I think you would like Daisy Miller! Short, and interesting.

  3. Those rooms are lovely. I like all of the white. m.o.m.