Thursday, January 12, 2012

weather report (sorry!)

It is SNOWING beautifully, wonderfully, flakily, fluffily, abundandly, blowing and misting and flurrying and swirling. Yay! I am knitting a new seedstitch headband (will DIY post it here soon) and going out to buy yarn for an enormous cowl-neck scarf this weekend. All this snow makes me feel knittish and bookish.

On a style note, plaid coats and giant knits are my go-tos this winter. Easy and cozy and chic. Also, you should read Molly Wizenberg's post on Orangette* today, which contains a recipe for salted chocolate cookies that sound like Heaven come down.

P.S. Je suis dans la classe de French Louisiana maintenant, et en sept semaines, je vais savoir tout qu'on peut savoir de Louisiana et la Nouvelle Orleons aussi. Pas mal, non?

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