Tuesday, January 17, 2012

for those long winter evenings . . .

My new homework-break distractor is the BBC series Downton Abbey, which I have just started watching in bits and pieces with my literary neighbors. The costumes and scenery, for one, are fantastic, but the dialogue and humor (dry, dry British) is completely wonderful. Even if you don't normally like the BBC Masterpiece Classics (I've no idea why that would be the case) it's worth watching at least an episode of Downton.

Meanwhile, snow and sleet here, lots of coffee made in my Christmas French press (thank you daddy) and I am trying to be creative about bringing color and pizzazz into my winter wardrobe. Off to my Tante Rebecca's this weekend, so maybe I will bring a few sewing projects along . . .

PostScript: I am now on Twitter as ThisLittleWheatie. It is just Wheaton updates, remarks, observations etc and I may love Twitter or delete my account within a week, but voila! C'est la vie.

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