Thursday, January 19, 2012

sketch of the week

Will upload sketch in a little bit -- misleading title, I know, but I am at work and so I have no scanner .. . actually I have a scanner here but am not going to use it for personal blogging purposes. Ethics!

Still, am also blogging at work.

Current thing that is thrilling me: yesterday's co-op finds! All free, all wonderful:

Sequined strappless dress with huge tule train (for President's ball, if I go)
Navy wool above-the knee boxy pea coat
Cotton GAP bow-tie blouse, perfect for work
2 Men's Oxford shirts: one pink, one navy and red striped (because, really, I wear them every day)
picture of a bijon frise dog wearing glasses in a great wooden frame

Would have paid for all except for the dog picture . . . was going to give it to my friend Thom but liked it so much, and my room needed a little funk anyway. I'm off to eat lunch, my new healthy/delicious/snack recipe of:
3/4 cup Ricotta cheese
a big spoonfull of Bon Maman raspberry jam
a little bit of sugar

Another note, some lovely beauty advice from Wini McBride: "Eat healthy, sleep, and be happy. I think staying out of the sun because it’s a big factor, and also not abusing your skin. Whatever you put inside of you will show on the surface whether its food or gossip or stress." For the whole article, go here.

A bientot, mes copines!

PS - to my recent influx of readers from Russia,Привет! Рада тебя видеть. Perhaps my blog appeals to you because I, too, am freezing cold most of the time?


  1. You are amazingly fabulous and I LOVE reading your blog! -SKM

  2. Miss you, thank you love! xoxo

  3. Thankfully, no one reads my blog : )