Monday, January 23, 2012

this glossed-over dormitory

Impressive icicles reminding me of the frightening but nevertheless slightly amusing Chicago signs placed everywhere: "Caution Falling Ice." Whenever I see them I wonder what one is to do in order to enhance caution: always look up? Walk more quickly? Stay inside? Wear a helmet?

Still, campus is more beautiful with snow frosting the grass and the ice is beautiful, if dangerous for accident-prone me.

Little feet,
I wish that you could be surer
of life, and of each small step
on frozen ground.
Give me direction,
apart from what my mind can see
this brain is not all-knowing,
my balance unsure.
And if you watch out -
I might not break a hip
this winter, and my future
will be brighter
if I am all in one piece.

1 comment:

  1. Well said my slippery slope specialist, like the pics, too. cjs