Tuesday, January 24, 2012

dinner at Honey

Here are a few photos from dinner Saturday with a few of my favorite ladies at the cozy and darling restaurant, Honey, in Glen Ellyn. It was a bit chilly and very icy out, but their grilled cheese with tomato and basil was delicious, as are their little cupcakes (carrot, vanilla bean, chocolate chocolate and red velvet) which we split. Once we made it inside we had a great meal and it was so nice to sit around a table in a nice dress with my makeup done and chat with friends.

If you are ever in Glen Ellyn - hit up Honey for the food (not the coffee, however, there is always something a bit off about it in my opinion).

Photos taken on my itouch - which, while not my little canon powershot, doesn't do half bad a job for a handheld mobile thingy.

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  1. hey that's me!

    (and gosh and golly, what a nice evening that was.)