Friday, January 6, 2012

these little resolutions

Ok, so I don't really believe in New Year's Resolutions as an effective entity, but change can be a good thing and since I am going back to school to start a new semester, why not make a few notes now?

I refuse to make any resolutions regarding exercise, so my health resolution is to drink more water. Lots of water. I am fairly sure I never ever come even close to drinking enough water.

My style resolution is (Part One) to clean out the closet of everything that doesn't fit/ I never wear, getting rid of The Ratty Green Wool Coat, etc. and (Part Two) take more risks.

My budget resolution is leaving my secondary debit card far, far away from me.

My academic resolution - - Straight A's! I know that this has been done, and is not necessarily fully realistic, but I believe if ever there was a semester to do it, this is it! And I want to get into graduate school. Every time I think I'm done with horrid application processi . . .

My spiritual resolution is to speak gently. Oh boy.

Ooh! Health resolution No II. is to floss my teeth at least once daily! I am an obsessive brusher, but after getting two cavities filled today (first ever) I am going to be an obsessive flosser. It was AWFUL.

Final goal: do not end up like exibit A (top picture), squished under the weight of it all. All posters courtesy of

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